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Burger King® Site Submission

If you have a new Burger King® site in mind, we’d love to hear about it! With six decades of experience and thousands of locations worldwide, you might be wondering what we’re looking for in a new Burger King® location.

Burger King®’s values

Our franchise site selection criteria has been specially developed to maximize profit while embracing Burger King®’s values and design ideals.

We strive to:

  • Become part of the fabric of the local community
  • Serve our guests with consistent quality, as if they were guests in our home

  • Achieve sustainable efforts in design, food, and carbon footprint

  • Create memorable experiences through gracious hospitality and industry-leading design

Our Franchise Site Selection Criteria

We’re always interested in expanding our footprint, whether in traditional or nontraditional locations. When we’re considering new real estate opportunities, the franchise site selection criteria we’re looking for falls into three categories:

Site Criteria

A great location is key. We’re interested in developing sites on a signalized hard corner with signage on two major streets, multiple points of ingress and egress, and a concentration of consumer amenities that include entertainment, big box retailers, and high traffic counts. It’s important that the lot is accessible from the main roads. We also prioritize locations with no existing Burger King® restaurants in the immediate trade area or competitor restaurants nearby.
While finding new traditional locations is high on our list, we’re also open to developing restaurants in more nontraditional locations like airports, military bases, and universities. If you’re interested in a nontraditional site, be sure to indicate that on your site submission.

Building Criteria

To build a brand new standalone Burger King® restaurant, your site must be a 25,000-square-foot lot with a capacity for a building between 2,800 and 3,500 square feet. You’ll need space for onsite parking, a double drive-thru, and an escape lane to bypass the lot. Ideally, we’d like locations with no design criteria standards, which makes it easier to implement our image.

If you’re interested in remodeling an existing location that you’re purchasing from another franchisee, ask the franchise team about our Reclaim the Flame remodel program.

Standalone Burger King® restaurants require:

  • A 25,000-square-foot lot with a capacity for a building

  • Building size is 2,800 to 3,500 square feet

  • Space for onsite parking

  • Space for a double drive-thru

  • Space for an escape lane to bypass the lot

Lease Criteria

The most important part of any commercial lease is a true prosperous partnership between tenant and landlord. Since your franchise agreement requires a lease term of 20 years, you’ll be working with your landlord for a while. Establishing a good relationship with them will put you in a great position to have your site submission accepted.

3 Steps to Finding the Right Site

If you don’t have a site in mind yet, these three tips can help you to determine the best place to start your Burger King® franchising journey.
Using these factors, you should be able to find a site that fulfills our restaurant site selection criteria.

1. Identify the Market

You’ll want to analyze big-picture factors like population growth, employment rates, real estate activity, and consumer spending. If you’re located near an urban area, keep an eye on suburbs and bedroom communities that are starting to experience growth.

2. Identify Trade Areas

We find that the most successful locations for new Burger King® restaurants are established commercial areas, like shopping centers. Here, you’ll want to look for positive performance estimates, customer mix and concentration, acceptable competition, helpful co-tenants, and high traffic counts.

2. Identify the Optimal Site

Once you’ve scoped out the right community for your restaurant, it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Successful submissions use qualitative data to evaluate the quality of the site, including visibility, parking availability and access to mass transit, and space for a double drive-thru lane.

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