Everyone knows that running your own business isn’t easy, and that includes franchise businesses. Even though you receive more support with a franchise than you would with your own startup, that doesn’t mean you won’t encounter challenging times. The characteristics that make for a great franchisee, like being self-motivated, having creative thinking, and possessing a drive to succeed, can also make one prone to burnout.

If you are a franchise owner, burnout is a very real threat and can even derail your business altogether. In order to avoid burning out as a franchise business owner, and to give yourself a chance at long-term success, keep these tips in mind:

1. Be honest with yourself


When you are in the process of opening a franchise, take a moment to honestly assess your energy and resources. How much time can you truly commit to growing your business? Do you have certain limitations, such as a chronic health condition, that you need to consider? Is the franchise your only job, or do you also have a corporate 9-to-5 or other side hustle to keep up with? Getting honest about how much you can take on, and commit to not going above that is one of the best ways to avoid burnout as a franchise business owner.

2. Delegate


Many business owners try to do everything themselves, either due to their own perfectionism or trying to save money by not hiring enough staff. Resist this urge! Make sure you hire the staff you need to keep up with your customers, and take time to train them properly so you aren’t having to continually step in. Also, consider outsourcing business tasks that you struggle with, or getting help from your franchise parent company.

3. Take time off



Don’t be a hero, and refuse your vacation time. Even if you feel like there is a lot that needs to be done, or that you can just take time off later. Schedule your own time away, so you can get a breather and reconnect with other aspects of yourself like your family and hobbies. Nobody is meant to work every single day, so cut yourself some slack and take vacation time regularly, even if it’s just one weekend. Avoiding time-based burnout as a franchise business owner is especially important if you have a partner or kids!

4. Learn stress reduction practices



No matter what kind of business you have, you will encounter work-related stress. Instead of trying to avoid it, or being upset when it happens, start building routines that can help you boost your resilience. There are many stress-reduction practices that you can learn for free online, including meditation, breathwork, Qigong, and yoga. Other creative ways to blow off steam include archery, axe-throwing, or visiting the batting cages.

When you can learn to pace yourself and maintain a healthy work-life balance, you’ll be a much more successful franchise business owner! You can avoid burnout, and be able to build a long-term legacy for yourself and your family.

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