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There are few decisions bigger than starting your own business. You want to be confident that you’re spending your money wisely, and it’s important to know that you’re making the right choices for your financial goals. So, what makes a good franchise investment? Simply put, a good investment is one that is profitable – and that’s Firehouse Subs. Read on to learn more about what you can expect financially.

Startup Costs and Fees

Let’s get started with some important numbers. Your initial franchise fee is $20,000 and you’ll pay that in a lump sum when you sign your franchise agreement. The approximate initial investment for a single FIREHOUSE SUBS® Restaurant ranges from $200,132 to $993,297 for Traditional Restaurants; $402,972 to $842,806 for End-Cap Strip Mall Restaurants with Drive Thru; and $432,375 to $1,013,099 for Free-Standing Restaurants with Drive Thru. This will vary depending on which format you choose for your restaurant. You can expect that to include materials, equipment, real estate costs, and other expenses related to opening a business. If you’d like the exclusive rights to open multiple restaurants in a specific area, you’ll also be responsible for a development fee, which varies by year.

Throughout the life of your business, you’ll pay several fees each month, including a local advertising fee, contributions to our System Fund, and royalties. You can also expect additional fees as incurred, such as training fees and the cost of the mural that appears in each Firehouse Subs restaurant.

Tina Boling Franchise Owner
Tina Boling Franchise Owner
Initial franchise fee
Credit Score
Minimum investment
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The Kim family - Franchise owners

Franchise Qualifications

We do have a few qualifications that we expect our franchisees to fulfill:

Supporting communities and offering heartfelt customer service is core to the mission of Firehouse Subs. Our Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation distributes funds raised in the restaurants to grant equipment to first responders and public safety organizations throughout local communities.

  • Minimum of $100k to invest

  • Credit score of 650+

  • Strong inner drive for excellence

  • Devotion to your Firehouse Subs restaurant

  • Motivated and community minded

  • Must love subs!

Your Potential Return on Investment

During the franchise process, you’ll receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD. The FDD includes all the financial information you need to determine whether becoming a Firehouse Subs franchise owner is the right choice for you, including our business model, our place in the market, and your opportunity to succeed. Please feel free to ask us any questions you might have about the FDD or your franchise investment – we want you to be informed!

Recession Resilience

Some businesses struggle during tough economic times, but the QSR industry has been proven to thrive where other businesses fail. While it’s well known that most new restaurants don’t survive their first year in business, fast-casual and QSR restaurants are the exception to the rule. Due to their consistency, adaptability, and contactless purchasing options, these restaurants thrived during the pandemic. In fact, fast-casual restaurants survived the pandemic in a better position than ever, with many experiencing their best years ever in 2020 and 2021. By making an investment in Firehouse Subs, you can feel confident that your business is well-positioned to succeed, no matter what the world throws your way.

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